DATE: 18.04.2024

KAFEA TERRA FOOD & DRINKS SA company implements Food Safety Management System regarding its activities of Coffee Products Processing and Packaging, Sugar Packaging in Sticks, Coffee Import and Trade, Beverages and other Foods Storage in Ambient Temperature, Drinking Cups and Glasses Import and Trade, Coffee and Beverage Machines Technical Support.

The Food Safety Policy is implemented and communicated to all stakeholders.


  • — Continuous product improvement, due to the upgrade of expertise, production equipment and processes.
  • — Implementation and continuous improvement of Food Safety Management System (FSMS).
  • — Conformity with legislation in matters of quality and safety as well as the requirements of the competent authorities and applied standards.
  • — Alignment with customer needs with effective complaint handling, based on documented procedures.
  • — Communication, implementation, and compliance with FSMS at all levels of the company.
  • — Continuous FSMS update and control of its efficiency.
  • — Communication between different departments and employees, as well as with suppliers and customers.
  • — Continuous staff training on food safety issues.
  • — Environment protection (minimization of operations effects), sustainability and support of the local region.
  • — Continuous update and automation of facility's equipment.
  • — Compliance and continuous improvement of health and safety rules.
  • — Provision of all the necessary resources for the implementation of the food safety policy and support to the management for the implementation of the defined procedures.
  • — Continuous improvement of the employees’ culture, regarding safety issues of the produced and traded products.
  • — Establishing indicators and corresponding measurable targets, and providing all required resources to achieve them.