Kafeaterra illy


illy is the most recognizable coffee brand in the world. It is produced by illycaffè, an Italian family business founded and based in Trieste, Italy since 1933.

The unique 100% Arabica blend of illy originates from the top 1% of Arabica varieties grown worldwide. The brand is famous for its stable taste. Illycaffè has become a model for espresso coffee thanks to three important innovations, one of which concerns its advanced packaging. Illy is the only coffee that uses high pressure packaging making possible for all the aromas to adhere to the coffee oils, thus maintaining, for a longer time, the organoleptic characteristics of the coffee beans, and ensuring the quality of the final drink.

Since 1980, illycaffè has been buying green coffee directly from coffee growers at a 30% higher price for guaranteed coffee quality, encouraging, rewarding and training them in environmentally low-impact farming practices, in order to improve their production.

Illycaffè is a unique company in the world with numerous awards and certifications. Furthermore, since 2019 it has strengthened its commitment to sustainable development, becoming a multi-shareholder public benefit company, "Societal Benefit". Illycaffè as a "Benefit Company” combines the goal of profit with actions creating a positive impact for society and the environment. In addition, for many years it has been included in the list of the "Most Ethical Companies in the World" and continues to participate in specific programs and initiatives regarding the implementation of sustainability strategies and improvement of its environmental footprint.

In 2021 illycaffè became the first Italian coffee maker to receive the B Corp certification, which is awarded to companies that meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and responsibility.

KAFEA TERRA S.A. is the exclusive representative of illy in the Greek market, since 1988. A purely Greek, commercial and industrial company, is a pioneer in the Greek coffee market with a stable leading share, experiencing impressive growth and sales volumes. A modern company that safeguards the image and the impact of the brand at the highest level, a case study market for illycaffè.

The brand has been associated in the Greek consumers’ minds with the culture and philosophy of high-quality espresso. Today, it is available in all forms of packaging and types of coffee, aiming at all sectors of consumption for both business and private clients.

Customer-centricity is at the epicentre of Kafea Terra's corporate strategy philosophy and underpins the creation of long-term relationship and support aiming at business partners’ satisfaction, by providing high quality innovative products and high-end services know-how.