Kafeaterra Area 51


The Area 51 Artisan Coffee Roasters project was created in 2016 and born from our desire to introduce ourselves to the Specialty Coffee Shops audience.

We are exploring every corner of the planet for specialty grade coffee choices of a unique geographical origin; producing the finest espresso and filter coffees.

Our approach to every coffee’s uniqueness differs and we focus our scientific approach, extensive expertise and know-how on all stages of its production, from initial quality evaluation and roasting to final cup tastings.

Our aim is to always ensure high quality coffees and services for our partners as well as to establish mutually beneficial relationships with people who share our passion for coffee.

All of the above are summarized in our brand name. Inspired by Area 51, in the Nevada desert, where the most heavily guarded US military base is located; we’ve created our very own “confidential” research and experiment facility around coffee at our facilities in Peania.

Each AREA 51 coffee is of current crop, from a single geographical origin; small (microlot) or very small (nanolot) production. Different origins alternate during the year, but they consist exclusively of specialty grade coffees, scoring high according to the Coffee Quality Institute.

We manage the uniqueness of each geographical origin individually. We are constantly experimenting and seeking for new and better ways to express each origin’s unique taste characteristics.

AREA 51 products are addressed to HO.RE.CA and Retail sector. Look for them in our partners’ cafés and our e-shop.